What it is we do : services

At Thaumo there are several possibilities for coaching:

  • Skype Sessions

After scheduling an appointment we will meet on Skype. Skype sessions will take 60 minutes. It is my priority to make these sessions as effective and efficient as a face to face session. For these sessions to be personal and professional, Skype video calls are a necessity.

  • Re-entry Coaching

Sometimes returning can be more confronting than leaving or being on the move constantly. Therefore I also offer re-entry sessions to help you cope with the issues that arise when being confronted with the past, present and the changes that come with it.

  • Cultural adjustment

The adjustment to cultures can bring imbalance to all aspects of your life. It is not always easy to place the whole experience or to adapt. On the other hand jumping into a new culture enthusiastically can also backfire when you least expect it. It therefore important to always stay Intune with yourself and this is where I can offer perspective, insight and stability. Re-connect.

  • Transition coaching for TCKs and ATCKs

This is the transition from one country into another. New school, new job, new house, new people…in other words transitioning into your new life; may it be permanently or temporarily. Changes can be hard to interpret and again bring us out of balance. If this is not dealt with correctly it may have serious consequences later on in life.

- Short session: 30 minutes
- Regular session: 60 minutes
- Long session: 90 minutes